Barteritaville is a settlement in the Detroit Metro Wasteland. It is constructed in a tunnel, part of the collapsed subway network of Detroit. When the bombs fell many of the tunnels in the network collapsed. One of the stations suffered a collapse on both sides, cutting it off from the rest of the network. It became a refuge for survivors and developed into a community. The settlers tunneled out to another station but found it too was blocked. They used this as a secure settlement and a vault for their most precious goods. Over the years they would become a safe haven for goods to be deposited and so was instrumental in the early salvager trade. Prospectors would bring in goods and sell them to caravans who would hold them in Barteritaville until they could be shipped to communities to buy them. Over the decades since its formation the survivors have expanded the tunnel network. It is a neutral party in the conflict, and the caravan's that still rely on it have enforced this. Attacks on the settlement may result in caravan's being 'delayed' or cancelled.

Subway System

Constructed in the 2030s as urban sprawl became unbearable, the subway mostly went to the outer districts of what had now become one large megacity. It also had lines that went to the industrial area, to bring workers in. The construction was shoddy and so it mostly collapsed due to damage in the Great War.