Chrysalid Research Company was a pre-war corporation with its headquarters located in the Detroit Metro area. The company specialized in pharmaceutical research and product testing. Its headquarters were heavily damaged during the Great War with more than half the building collapsing. Buried beneath the rubble, the companies dark secrets would stay hidden for nearly two centuries.

In 2275 the company had been contracted by a government agency to conduct research on a new compound developed. It was believed this compound could bring about changes in the human mind, even perhaps unlocking telepathic or extra-sensory abilities. Several batches of voluntary testing failed to find any useful results, but a correlation between stress and certain readings was proven. Thus the company began to purposefully apply stressful situations to its test subjects in hopes of achieving a breakthrough. Eager to get results the government supplied subjects for more rigourous testing, prisoners of war and political dissidents. Most of them died in the attempt. The program was on the verge of being shut down as only two subjects remained who had showed any real results.

Shortly before the experiment could be concluded, the bombs fell. Whatever remains of the company, its research and any results to this day are unknown.