The Empire of Taylor is a faction in the Detroit Metro Wasteland. It is centered around the city of Taylor. It is lead by the engimatic raider warlord, Bone Crusher.


The Taylor Raider Empire is one of the most recent groups to arise in the Detroit Metro area. It was formed in 2283 from several raider gangs who united under Bone Crusher, the leader of the West Side Scalper gang. In 2280 his gang was on an expedition inside Detroit, trailing a survey team who was attempting to locate the Arsenal. They lost the trail of the team and attempted to return to their hideout west of the city. They would never make it, ambushed by Forsaken soldiers. The gang was killed save Crusher, who was wounded trying to save his comrade Eyepopper. He found himself facing the guns of the ghouls, who severely beat him and told him to bring the message to other raiders.

Barely alive, Crusher limped out of the city. He made it to his hideout, took his stash of goods and set off as far away from the ghouls as he could. But the death of his friends nagged at his mind and as he fell into a deep chem addiction the demons only grew worse. Out of money and down on his luck he turned back to the only thing he knew, joining another crew.

Months later while out on a job he would challenge his crew boss for leadership of the gang, tearing his throat out with his teeth in a brutal hand to hand struggle. Now in charge, Crusher attempted to raid back into the city. He found his way blocked by numerous enemies. Enraged, he realized that the raiders couldn't operate in the new environment. There were too many big factions with lots of soldiers who could easily smash a small groups.

The solution was obvious. Over the next months he would use his gang to attack other raiders and force them to submit. His numbers grew, first dozens, then hundreds. Other gang leaders pledged their services to him, seeking glory and riches. And he got in.

In 2283 the Taylor Gang raided the Palace Shopping Center, a massive trade hub for Safe Arbor. They overcame the guards and took charge. The Palace became the center of their growing empire, the guns confiscated there used to arm their troops and the prisoners ransomed off for a fortune. Following this, Crusher had his gang reorganize the Palace. Within months it was open and attracting new traders, who fill the coffers of the Empire with the tolls required to pass through.

The Empire would expand to cut off other routes into the city and by 2285 has control over the southwest Metro. Caravans wishing to go through must pay a toll.


Taylor Trade Palace - settlement built within a pre-war shopping center, it is a center for trade in southwest Detroit. To