The Problem Solvers are a mercenary outfit operating in the Detroit Metro Wasteland in 2285. They are cheaper to hire but their skills are considered to be lacking by many. Their loyalty ends after service and they can easily be bought to attack a former employer immediately afterwards, something the Tin Can Brigade or Conquistadors would consider uncouth and barbaric. Formed in 2273 they have honed their skills in the warfare that has engulfed the region, fighting on all sides at one point. Despite their shaky reputation they maintain a good business. Someone always needs killing and there is always money to be made. They are also popular as bodyguards as they hire out individuals. Problem Solvers can be found all over the Wasteland, being one of the most numerous mercenary bands.


Soldiers wear a flak jacket, a police issued vest from pre-war which has been reinforced and restored. Their usual weaponry are ballistic weapons, assault rifles, hunting rifles and combat shotguns are popular choices.