The Shepherds of the Deluge are a reclusive survivor group and religious movement. They dwell in their survivor compound to the northwest of the city and have an mission in the south. The descendants of a survivalist militia who had prepared for the war, they have adopted a unique religion that is an offshoot of Christianity. Seeing themselves as the new apostles, they seek to spread their faith among the survivors in preparation for the Rebirth, where the Lord will look favourably on his descendants and grant them mastery over the beast and plants again. Their largest current effort is converting the tribals who are moving in on the south of the city. To this end they have sent out missionaries, bringing knowledge to the tribals and learning their customs. Their real goal is to convince one of the tribal leaders to adopt their religion and impose it on the tribes to adopt a shared identity, which can be used to unite the wasteland.


Thou Shalt Not eat of the flesh of their fellow human