The Testament of the Old Flame was a religious movement and former nation. Its members once controlled the city of Flint and the surrounding area. They were defeated in a war against the Peninsular Empire. Many fled from the city as it fell and have drifted to the Detroit Metro wasteland seeking a new life. They have begun actively preaching their message to the people of Detroit, seeking new followers. Generally they have a dim opinion of the Motor City Union. It's leader had fought with them against the Peninsular Empire but he disliked the movement for its views and forbade it from the Union. The largest population lives as refugees in Safe Arbor or Red Star Army territory. They are intensely anti-ghoul because of their puritanical views on mutation. For this reason a large number of more militant members have drifted to the Taylor Raider Empire and fight as mercenaries against the hated ghouls of the Forsaken.


The War was a punishment from Mighty God, which they refer to as 'Tribulation'. The wicked were struck down by the flames or afflicted with the Mark of Cain, ghoulification. Those are are free from sin will not be effected by the radiation. Mutants of all sorts are to be killed on sight, even minor mutation is too much. Ghouls are seen as the personification of the devil and should be killed on sight. Drunkenness is forbidden, though the monks of the church used to brew smallbeer for the population because of the contamination of Flint River. High ranking members ritualistically use psychedelic drugs to have visions which they interpret as Mighty God speaking to them.