The TinCans are one of the mercenary groups that inhabit the Detroit Metro Wasteland. Ready to take on any task or foe for the right price, they are unique in that their combat personnel are all robots. TinCan scientists control several robots each and hire themselves to various factions to fight for them. Highly expensive they are nonetheless highly sought after, as mercenaries who don't fear death are less likely to abandon you in the middle of an ambush. The combat robots the TinCans use are highly dangerous with arrays of energy weapons and have been modified for quicker reaction times and target acquisition. Most people in the wasteland are smart enough to back off rather than take on half a dozen Sentry Bots and Mr Gutsy's who are guided from above by an eyebot. The TinCans have a close relationship with the Scrapers, one of the few groups who are allowed inside the tower itself. One entire phalanx was hired by the Motor City Union to keep the road to Safe Arbor open.