Vault 36 was a Vault-Tec Vault located in northwest Detroit. It was sealed when the bombs fell on 2077 and remained that way for 100 years. The population was conditioned to be militaristic and expansionist and was given ample weaponry. When the Vault opened they spread out, attacking and conquering the survivors of the wasteland. For the better part of a decade they were a scourge, capturing nearly half the city proper. Their downfall would occur when an alliance between Safe Arbor, the ghoul movement known as the Forsaken, Frigerator Fort and tribals from the area. This alliance launched a joint offensive designed to simply out attrition the less numerous Vault Dwellers. The plan would succeed and they coordinated an assault on Vault 36, pushing the dwellers back to the brink. Preparations were made to storm it, but before they could, the vault dwellers sabotaged the machinery inside. They were eventually induced to surrender through threats of being set on fire. Most of the survivors were women and the elderly, the children having died as child soldiers along with most men. They were subsequently enslaved by the Forsaken for the most part, who were bitter over the loss of the valuable vault technology. They took the slaves as some compensation, despite the disgust of the Arb troops at sending women and old men to such a fate. On its way back to Forsaken territory, raiders attacked en masse. Many of the prisoners were able to escape or were taken by the Raiders. Some eventually were sold into the hands of the Arb, who refused to return them. This soured relations between the two parties. Putrid, the leader of the Forsaken, never forgot and would consider Arb an enemy when the Forsaken became powerful.