The Detroit Metro was formerly the center of industry for the US so it has plenty of technology and weapons to recover. Many weapons companies were located in the region. The following is a list of some of the distinct weapons that are found here

Mancooker - A plasma pistol made by Cyrus Plasmatech based on a failed prototype. During an attempt to design a plasma pistol for the military the company developed a weapon with a wider dispersal pattern. This significantly reduced the range but increased the size of the 'projectile' considerably. The design was quickly mass produced and

Armadyne Mark 1 Anti-Personnel Weapon - a 20mm rotating cannon. originally designed for use on an aircraft but adopted for powered armour usage

Lebernat Electromag - A man sized coilgun that can fire almost any sort of ammunition as long as it is magnetic. simply fires the whole cartridge, you can even reuse the bullet if you find it!

Vanderveld Atom Cutter - a short ranged laser with a variable sized beam powered by an internal fission battery, used by construction crews

HiMark 10mm Carbine - A cheap and reliable carbine firing the 10mm round, the weapon was banned by name in 2071 because of its association with gang violence in the Detroit Metro.